Are You Prepared For Ramadhaan?  

We are currently just a few hours from the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadhaan, and amazingly, many of us are very busy filling our freezers with foods of different types for the whole fasting month. 

But food prepping isn’t quite what I have in mind, when asking if you are prepared for Ramadhaan… 

Ramadhaan is known for so many beautiful things. 

It is known as the month of the Qur’aan. 

The month of Forgiveness.

The month of Reflection. 

As such, this year I want to be a little more organized in my day, and I was thrilled when my sister in-law and I were discussing Journals. 

As she’s a teacher, she told me about a Ramadhaan Journal that she came across and I think it’s such a brilliant idea to have one. 

Although this journal is from 2014 on A Muslim Homeschool Blog, I still think it’s quite very relevant and useful, Masha Allah. May Allah reward the author abundantly for putting it together. 

It is a colorful, well put, informative Journal comprising of 89 pages. 

Divided into 3 sections, it has Ahaadith as well sheets and spaces where you can fill in information such as keeping track of your daily activities, a meal planner and much more. 

Click to download the Ramadhaan Journal.

For many more activities and ideas, do follow A Muslim Homeschool Blog. They have some amazing activities and free printables for a range of subjects.

We also discussed another idea she came across about a month or so ago, called a Qur’aan Journal. 

Inspired by Iman Illustrated on Facebook & on the blog Recite & Reflect.

The author explains how to go about Qur’aan Journaling, which looks amazing with beautifully scripted Ayahs, Tafseer and her reflections, as well as some of her beautiful drawings, Masha Allah. 

If you’re looking to deepen and strengthen your connection with your Qur’aan, this is a perfect way to begin. 

If you have more ideas about journaling, or if you do Journal, please do comment and share your experiences with us.