The Baaqiyaatus Saalihaat School Fun Fair

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Salaam and hi to all!

So Spring has sprung and wonderful sunny days are ahead of us, Alhamdulillah.

How would you like to be entertained while doing a good deed?

Baaqiatus Saalihaat, a home tutor centre aka homeschool, is hosting its very first Fun Fair!

And because this school offers not only secular schooling but also Islamic schooling, your presence at the Fun Fair, would definitely be appreciated as it would contribute to making this event as success.

From the poster, theres definitely going to be something for everyone!

I will be having a stall as well, in which all my baked and homemade goodies will be for sale, so don’t forget to drop by for some delicious treats!

We hope to see you there, In sha Allah.


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PS: If you’d like to have a stall, do contact the number on the poster for more details.