Happy Spring Day!

Its September 1st, and that means that its officially Spring in South Africa. Alhamdulillah.

After the freezing winter weather, I’m looking forward to warm, sunny days spent outdoors…. I hope.

Between work and home, there are those days where, if you blink, the weekend has suddenly turned into a Monday morning, and somehow you’re trying to function at full capacity, fuelled by coffee!

The one thing that I’ve missed alot recently, has been seeing flowers in bloom.

Happy Spring 2019 South Africa!

In honour of Spring Day, I’ve begun ‘spring cleaning’.

Now cleaning is not a hobby of mine, at all!

However I must admit that to certain extent, it’s been therapeutic.

I’ll be doing a post soon on cleaning and some cleaning tips.

Spring day is also known as Arbor day, and I remember when I was in school, how we would all plant trees or flowers or shrubs as we learned about the important role of what these plants play in our lives.

Planting or working soil is also known to be a stress reliever and it’s actually good for your health.

Are you planting anything today?

Since September is also known as Arbour month, we have a whole month to plant something.

I recently replanted an orchid, gifted to me 4 years ago by my husband in a wonderful planter by Lechuza from @home.

Lechuza slate planter

Its been growing beautifully so far, with the buds that have grown are about to bloom soon, and bonus: its self-watering, so no more worrying about a schedule for watering it on time.

I’ll be sure to put up a photo on Instagram so you can see how it looks.

Do you have a routine or special ritual for Spring Day?

Do comment below sharing it with us.

May this spring be the new beginning that encourages us to grow and bloom in all we do.