South Africa Locked Down

South Africa’s lockdown,initiated by President Cyril Ramaphosa,has recently been extended.

With the stats climbing to over 3000 confirmed cases of Corona Virus pandemic, its sad to see so many of the youth as well as many other adults taking this lockdown so lightly.

Others have gone to the opposite end of the spectrum and taken the lockdown so seriously that they’ve literally stocked up on essentials as if the Apocolypse is about to begin!

My personal standpoint is to have a middle ground.

Yes this virus is serious and its killing people around the world, and yes, taking precautions are necessary for the good of everyone, especially ourselves.

For us, the Muslim Ummah, this is a time that we can collectively take charge of and begin a routine of making our Adhkaar, Tilaawat, & Salawaat and any other type of Ibaadah.

Its also a time to improve your hygiene in your home as well as your self, by using sanitiser as well as bleach sprays or hygenic wipes etc everywhere in your home.

Remember to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly.

Keep your physical distance as well as your social distance from people outside of your home.

Although all the above is really great advice given by hundreds of doctors, nurses, politicians, influencers, tv presenters, etc. What about the people who live day to day and are unable to afford sanitizer or bleach etc?

As we’ve seen with the first week of ‘panic buying’, so many others were left with little or nothing to buy, much less stock up on.

If you’re in the position to assist by donating money, hygiene products or food items to the less fortunate, please do.

Do you have any pointers you’d like to share?

How are the statistics in your area or country?

Are there feeding schemes sat up for the poor in your locality?