Ink Of Inspiration

Ink of Inspiration is a book written by Naadira Chhipa.

I have been a fan of Naadira for just over a year, having first become familiar with her on Facebook and having had the pleasure of meeting her at the Tales of The Sisterhood luncheon held in October 2017.

When she began writing posts on Facebook, two of which I have featured on The Avant-Garde Muslimah thus far.

I was really impressed by her style of writing, especially as she writes about circumstances that do exist all around us, yet we do not quite acknowledge it, and in doing so, we forget about our Islamic teachings which should have eliminated or prevented us from having certain types of thoughts or voicing certain opinions.

This book makes us aware of so many ills we have inside us, mainly due culture I think, yet it uplifts us spiritually at the same time.

There is truly something for everyone in this book, all seeking beautifully written advices and reminding us of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala.

It is an easy but profound read and I am all the more fortunate for having had the opportunity to read it.

I recommend that every Muslimah obtain a copy and read it, as you will most certainly learn something new and perhaps learn to approach life from a different viewpoint, Insha Allah, Aameen.

Review done by

Rubina Hassan Jappie