Hunga Busta’s, Gourmet Burgers & Pizzas

I have a great love for food. Whether it’s cooking it, baking it, grilling it, buying it, etc. I love it all!

Just over a month ago,in June 2016, a great new place opened on corner Crownwood and Alwen Roads, in Johannesburg.

For amazing food served in generous portions at reasonable prices, Hunga Busta’s is definitely the place to go to.

With an array of gourmet burgers & pizzas, which feature unique names, you cannot go wrong!

Try their amazing The Keeper pizza  or The Abolisher pizza, or if you’re up for a real challenge, go for their 400 gram pattie Busta Burger!

Their Dagwood is DELICIOUS!!! And you can ask them to make it half chicken and half steak!

I wanted to put photos up of the food but I never seem to get chance because everyone digs in as soon as it hits the table! (Yep, it THAT good!!!)

Europa: Parkview

If you love great coffee and fabulous Italian food, then Europa in Parkview is the ideal Halaal certified place .

With a variety of pasta, pizza, burgers, tramezzini, breakfast meals and much more available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Their food is freshly prepared and you could watch them make your pizza at the counter if you choose to.

Salmon Benedict from Europa Parkview Eggs Benedict & Salmon Benedict from Europa ParkviewA pasta dish from Europa Parkview

Their coffees, teas and lattes are quite a favorite in my family and my husband especially likes their milkshakes.

I personally love their coffees, and I tend to try out a different one each time I come here.

The service is good, although the food does take time to make, its worth the wait.

You could contact Europa with regards to reserving seating for you or to enquire about their specials during the week or Sunday mornings.

View their menu here, via Zomato:

Europa Parkview Menu

Europa Parkview is situated at:

60 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview, Johannesburg, 2193.

Contact them at :

011 486 3212