2018: May It Be A Beneficial & Blessed Year For Us

Its a new secular year and Alhamdulillah, we’ve been blessed with beautiful hot summer days here in South Africa.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all new students well for the coming school year.

To all who are off to work soon, may this year be better for you,  than last year was.

To those embarking on their journey to university, may it be a safe, educational, fun time for you, and those who have just qualified or graduated, may your qualification open up doors to you, that would have you excel in your chosen field of work.

For many of us a new year means a new start, possibly at a new job or a new suburb or country etc, may this new beginning in this new place/position/ area etc, be beneficial for you.

May Allah always be our Protector, and may the teachings of Rasoolullah SAW always be our Guide to the best and most important destination of all, Jannatul Firdose, Insha Allah. Aameen.


Hunga Busta’s, Gourmet Burgers & Pizzas

I have a great love for food. Whether it’s cooking it, baking it, grilling it, buying it, etc. I love it all!

Just over a month ago,in June 2016, a great new place opened on corner Crownwood and Alwen Roads, in Johannesburg.

For amazing food served in generous portions at reasonable prices, Hunga Busta’s is definitely the place to go to.

With an array of gourmet burgers & pizzas, which feature unique names, you cannot go wrong!

Try their amazing The Keeper pizza  or The Abolisher pizza, or if you’re up for a real challenge, go for their 400 gram pattie Busta Burger!

Their Dagwood is DELICIOUS!!! And you can ask them to make it half chicken and half steak!

I wanted to put photos up of the food but I never seem to get chance because everyone digs in as soon as it hits the table! (Yep, it THAT good!!!)