Ink Of Inspiration

Ink of Inspiration is a book written by Naadira Chhipa.

I have been a fan of Naadira for just over a year, having first become familiar with her on Facebook and having had the pleasure of meeting her at the Tales of The Sisterhood luncheon held in October 2017.

When she began writing posts on Facebook, two of which I have featured on The Avant-Garde Muslimah thus far.

I was really impressed by her style of writing, especially as she writes about circumstances that do exist all around us, yet we do not quite acknowledge it, and in doing so, we forget about our Islamic teachings which should have eliminated or prevented us from having certain types of thoughts or voicing certain opinions.

This book makes us aware of so many ills we have inside us, mainly due culture I think, yet it uplifts us spiritually at the same time.

There is truly something for everyone in this book, all seeking beautifully written advices and reminding us of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala.

It is an easy but profound read and I am all the more fortunate for having had the opportunity to read it.

I recommend that every Muslimah obtain a copy and read it, as you will most certainly learn something new and perhaps learn to approach life from a different viewpoint, Insha Allah, Aameen.

Review done by

Rubina Hassan Jappie

Tomorrow Is Never Promised by Naadira Chhipa

She neatly packs her huge red suitcase organising and dividing her clothes as well as colour co-ordinating them.

Her sisters wedding is to be held in Cape town and her designer dress which took an entire month to create was a work of art.

She warmly embraces her husband and two year old daughter as they are scheduled to leave a day after. Just a few more hours and she will be surrounded by family,laughter and happiness.Little did she know that she would not even make it to the airport as a drunk driver loses control of his truck and comes crashing into her car,her journey is over.She returns to her Allah.

He is overwhelmed with excitement,ever since he was a little boy it was his dream to play soccer for his country,his dream was soon going to be becoming a reality. He was chosen to represent his country at an international soccer tournament and his parents were so proud of him as all the years of hard work and practice will soon pay off.He kisses his mother’s forehead as she gives him her duas and hugs his proud father and checks his passport before boarding his flight. He smiles as he sees the first stamp on his passport thinking to himself that this is the first of many. Alas 50min after take off the plane hits some turbulence and comes crashing down. His dreams, hopes and ambition die with him and he returns to his Allah.

She holds her mother’s hands firmly a little scared yet so excited to be going to school for the forst time. Her mother walks her to the nearby pre school with sadness and pride in her heart as her baby is now going to be away from her for the first time since she was born five years ago. In a blink of an eye a sports car spirals out of control and knocks into them.Her mother was sad a few mintues ago to leave her baby girl for just half the day at school will now have to live without her baby as her little girl has left her mother and gone back to her Allah, forever.

An elderly man saves his every spare penny so that he can fulfill his lifetimes desire to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Medina to perform his fifth pillar of Islam,his Haj.His wife passed away many years before and with tears in his eyes he leaves with his son. He performs his Haj and his heart feels total elation as he sits near the kabah making dua for his late wife. As he raises his hands his eyes close and the last vision he ever saw was that of the beautiful kabah.

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, no matter how old you are or how young you are, how beautiful or how wrinkled you are,how famous or how anonymous you are, how wealthy or how poor you are,death is the only constant in this life.

Do not just exist, live as life is far too short, say Alhamdullilah and be grateful for every breathe as it may just be your last. For tomorrow is never promised nor is today.

“They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners”-Holy Quraan.

Written by Naadira Chhipa